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"The attitude of gratitude, thinking positive and the laws of attraction.”

Hey everyone I wanted to chat about the topic of, "The attitude of gratitude, thinking positive and the laws of attraction.” 

Let me tell you why.  When I started my school I had no idea that it would flourish into something so huge.  Starting off in a 600 square foot school that had one locker room and only enough room for two people to change at a time with an office that was so small there was no room for chairs to sit and talk.  Only one chair fit behind my desk.  All the others had to stand.  Since then I built and opened branch schools in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Brewster N.Y., Canton Michigan, Bermuda , Long Island and now Flordia.  When I began I only had a few students but soon we outgrew our school.  Before we knew it we were in the Honbu Dojo – the headquarters in West Islip, N.Y. and remain in the same place 26years later.  We have taught thousands upon thousands of students from the ages of 2 years old on up to adults as old as 70. 
What really excites me is the continual contact I have with students that do not actively train with me any longer, but still consider them- selves students.  I wish there was a way to continually teach them even if they live far away and some of them have asked if I could put together an online training regime or class they can attend virtually.  This may be something I do in the near future.  My intention with writing books, doing this blog and shooting videos is to help reach those that are not capable of being at the dojo on a daily basis.  It is my goal to continually share with my students, friends, ex-students and also piers the philosophies that I have developed over my 49 years of training in the martial arts and my 52 years of life.   I remain honored that so many people have entrusted me with their children, themselves and consider me their teacher.  I don’t take this responsibility lightly.  So thank you for reading this, I am honored. 

What is “The Law of Attaction and the Attitude of Gratitude.” How can this benefit you and help enhance your life and your training.  What is this all about?  As you know I believe in Karma – if you want to put a theory to it, you can say  something like – what goes around comes around.  Life is filled with many mysteries.  The old biblical saying – Ask and yee shall receive is very true.  The concept of “The Law of Attraction” is very interesting and very real.  What you wish for you get.  Here are a few key examples. 
Have you ever hummed a song in your head only to find out when you turn the radio on, the song is at that very same spot on when you hear it?  Have you ever thought of some one your care about and you get a call from them soon after.  Have you ever thought of a friend from the past and bumped into them, or someone that knows them.  Why is it that people call this coincidence?  When in fact it could be something way more evidident.   

The simple answer is many people who believe in science or proof as the answer actually now have it.  Some may say that they don’t have an explanation, so it must be coincidence. What if your thoughts and intention really had a powerful imnpact on what you manifest in your life.  Have you ever been happy and found that more and more of the people you associate with are feeling the same way or oppositely have felt sad and found everyone around you or the people that come to you are feeling similarly.  What is it about energy that draws people to you? Both positive and negative?  As a teacher there are times when I walk into a classroom and everyone is feeling the same way, energized, melancholy or angry.  Why is it that an entire room of people can feel this way? Did they all speak to each other and make a conscious decision, this is the way everyone will feel?  Of course not!  So is it possible that this energy lies within all of us and we can sense it and it can serve you.  Sometimes we are not in tune enough to recognize this emotion and act upon it, so we are swept up in it.  Other times we just feel odd and have to get out of the situation or the emotion or simply we dismiss it as a coincidence. 

Have you ever walked into a party and just simply felt out of place.  In your head you said “this is just not right.”  Or have you ever had the weird feeling that someone was starring at you and you found that as you turn you head you are totally correct.  What is this energy that allows you to sense this? There are a few scientific terms for this but most of them are considered science.  Too many times scientists have explained this as a hoax a coincidence or something that simply isn’t real.  But you know as studies go further it is now being proven through scientific study.   So if this is true and it can benfiit us, then what can you do about it? 

The answer is quite simple:  Recognizing - is the first step.  The second step is to journal your experiences. Keep a record of how it happens, when and where.  Once you have written these experiences down for a long enough period of time, you will find some similarities and you can start making deductions as to whether this is real or not to you.   I have one test you can do I which I use all the time.  When ever I am about to enter into a parking lot, I start chanting (Speaking) I wish I had a spot close to the store, over and over again.  As I approach usually a spot is open for me.  If not if I wait just a few seconds and 90% of the time it opens up.  I laugh to myself at how much this works and have even gotten my daughter to do it with me.  I wonder if it will work for you, try it.  

The more you take on the belief of Abundance and tap into the Law of attraction the better off your life will be.  Life is designed to be blissful.  The belief system that you hold in your heart is the life you create.    Sometimes people can’t see through this and end up missing out on so many opportunities and so much happiness.  Abundance is available to everyone, however some chose to live the life of scarcity.  Continually making deductions that things are the way they are because you deserve them or the world is a terrible place.  Remember you create your own destiny.  You are in total control of the people you are with, the people you meet, the way your life is and the direction it is going.  If you chose to have a Black Cloud above your head, then the skies will always be cloudy, no matter how sunny it is.  If you chose to see and experience great things and open yourself up for the manifestation of greatness then it will happen.  As Forest Gumpf famous philosopher once said  “Life is a bowl of cherries.”  Life is what you make it.  Forest thought that way and that is the way it was to him. Some may say, “sure, Forest was an optimist, because he wasn’t mentally fit.”  But the reality is, what you believe is what you see.    

I believe in my gut feelings and instinct.  The times when I didn’t trust it, I found that I really lost out.  Usually the feeling you have about a person, place or thing initially is the correct one.  I had this happen to me recently, when two individuals in my circle, made me feel uncomfortable any time I was in their presence.  But I dismissed it as their mood or that is just the way they are.  So I ignored it. Inevetably it came to a head and turned out exactly how my premonition told me it would.  For example : you meet someone at a party and you like that individual.  Even though they do silly things and they act inappropriately, you still have a feeling of kindness for that person.  You are correct in your assumption.  Likewise in the opposite direction, sometimes people may rub you the wrong way, but how you feel in your gut is usually correct.  Learn to trust in your inner feelings a bit more.  Also, remember this doesn’t mean that this person is a bad person.  They just might not be put on the earth to meld and blend with your energy.  Which could be an entirely different topic. 

I remember some years ago, I had just returned from Japan.  Things were not going all that well in my personal life and I went to go to my dojo to teach.  For some strange reason from the moment I started my car, I had a bad feeling.  I ignored that feeling thinking it was a part of what was going on in my life.  No more then 10 minutes later I ended up in a car accident.  My gut knew, my brain never recognized it.  Sometimes believing in your feelings is a chancy thing. Do you not leave the house when you feel a specific way? I would say NO, this would be no way to live, but understanding that the way you feel would be enough to put you on high alert and that you should be careful or more aware of what is going on in your life at that moment. 

The law of attraction and abundance is something that we all can easily tap into, the simple fact is that you need to believe in it in order for it to happen and benefit from it.  As Depak Chopra said in his book, “The spontaneous Fullfillment of Desire” Think of coincidences as coded messages from the nonlocal intelligence. Pay attention, watch for clues, decipher their meanings and eventually the truth will be revealed.  In many ways, that’s exactly what happens.  After all, life is the ultimate mystery.  

He goes on to say “What makes life mysterious is that our destiny seems hidden from us, and only at the end of our lives will we be in a position to look back and see the path we followed.” 

Life moves so freely from time to time, age to age and it all seems okay when we look back. Even if life treated us unfairly with the proper attitude now, you can make changes that are so blissful.  You can live a fulfilled life. It has nothing to do with money, who you are with, or what job you have.  It is not about what status you have in your life, in your neighborhood or social ladder, it is only about you.  It is about being happy.  The law of attraction will fill your life with happiness if you believe you deserve it and work toward it.  You can not just wake up in the morning look in the mirror and say to yourself you are happy, when truly in your heart you are miserable.  You must start feeling that way a little at a time.  If a person is depressed, movement and a change of scenery sometimes make a difference but the mind is what controls your emotions. 

Sadly more so now then ever in my life time, it appears to be fashionable to be pessimistic, negative, confrontational and mean at times.  We tend to not think before we speak and if we speak in written text we seem to not even care, what we say and who it hurts or offends. We used curse words as if they are now a part of our language in the most inappropriate times, we think of free speech as being the write to allow us to put down, be negative and hurt others.  We are leaning more toward a violent society rather than a utopian one. 

A great story I read was about a terminally ill man in a hospital bed.  He was positioned in the middle of the room so he was one bed away from the window.  There was another man that was adjacent to the window next to him and continually looked out telling the other man all that went on outside his window.  The other man became bitter and started to resent the other man.  Even though on a regular basis the other man told him of all that was going on and when he did the other man was brought happiness.  The man in his inner mind became more and more bitter but enjoyed the stories of all that was going on outside the window.  Late at night the man closest to the window died of a heart attack.  The man in the middle felt sad for the loss of his room mate, but aslo felt happy that he could now have the spot next to the window.  Later that day they brought in another patient and the man screamed at the nurse.  It is my turn at the window. I am stuck here in this bed and I want to see all that is going on. The nurse shrugged her shoulders and obliged the old man.  When he arrived at his spot near the window he found nothing but a brick wall.  No view, no people and nothing going on.  He immediately felt sadness and realized the other man was making up those stories for his benefit and each day shared his love.  He received happiness by making someone else happy.  Perception is everything isn’t it?

As the Dalai Lama has said time and time again, you must train your mind. Train it as if it were a muscle.  For the muscle to grow strong you must work hard and exercise it daily.  A while ago, I was speaking with someone about religion.  In our conversation we spoke about subjecting your mind to specific areas.  For example: spending time with someone who curses regularly will create a space in your mind for this behavior.  I used to curse when I was younger but I never to curse any more. I very rarely slip I my head, but never out loud.  I do not use foul language of any type.  I think that it is unnecessary with the large vocabulary that is available to us.  My life was not always this way.  I had to re-train my mind.  I eliminated this kind of thought process to the point that it was no longer in my vocabulary.  Even when reading books – which I love to do, if they have curses I will replace the word with the letter or glance over it, not even reading it, not subjecting myself even to the thought.  It makes it much easier for me not to curse that way.  In this day an age, people do this without thinking. Speaking this way in front of children, men and women writing on social media and in my opinion it shows a lack of respect for others.  Why do this if you don’t have to?  Retrain your mind. 

Similarly you can do this with anything you want, sadness, happiness, violence etc.  Why not just retrain the mind to think a specific way.  Think positive thoughts, happy thoughts and believe in the law of attraction.  If you want more from life, then think this way, and spend time with people, places and things that will enhance this behavior. Wish for it and it will come, believe in it and it will be there for you.  Ask and yee shall receive.   

I have spoken about this many times in my seminars.  The easiest way it is to keep a tally, or if you can go out and by a bag of black marbles and white marbles and for each negative thought put in a black marble in a cup and for every positive thought put in a white marble.  It is your goal at the end of the day to have more white marbles then black.  At the end of the day write down how you did and start from scratch again. The goal is to recognize the way you are thinking and the things you are doing.  Change the process and retrain how you do it.  If you find your boss to be annoying, do not utter under you breathe what an idiot, think of something positive about that person.  Even when they are mean to you, think of something positive that you can say or do or feel, maybe thinking he works harder then anyone I know, or at the least maybe his life is tough at the top.  

Remember forgiving someone is to forget as well. Many time people say they are going to forgive but never forget. So later in life they end up bringing up the issues from the past only to reinforce that of the present.  In order to truly forgive you must truly forget.  So think positively and let it go.  Put a white marble in the cup.  Think of the abundance of happiness as a thought process.  

Here is a great scenario.  I spoke of this in my book “The Beginners Guide to Ninpo” and my newer book that is is called  “21st Century Ninjutsu.” Your personal philosophy is your DNA.  It will allow you to be happy or make your sad.  The goal is to think in such a way that will allow you the most happiness.  Remember the song, don’t worry be happy?  Well, if you think about it, what is it that makes you unhappy?  I taught my daughter from a very young age that she has the power to change her mood in the snap of her fingers.  She has two choices to either be happy or be sad.  What would she prefer to be?  Being a strong minded young girl she would sometimes point at one of my others fingers as I held them up saying “Mad.”  I told her it is okay to be mad but do you want to be happy or sad or even mad.  She would always think about it and chose the finger that represented happiness.  She would make the choice and I would then go on to tickle her into tears. She loved that.  It was our little game.  She is now going away to college to start her life as a young women.  As she gets older it is harder for me to shift her moods, because she is an independent thinker and she has to make that choice for herself.  So I use a method we use in our schools called “a pattern interrupts.”  This is utilized to get the person to think of an entirely different thing. It works well for children who are grumpy or crying.  I will ask them questions to take their mind off of the reason that they may be crying or grumpy. It works 99% of the time. 
You can use a pattern interrupt on yourself, by making the decision to be happy you change your entire physical make up, your “DNA” so to speak.  Doctors have found that laughter is a cure for many illnesses.  Why not prescribe more laughter. Or as an individual spend more time around it, reading about it, watching it on TV or thinking about it.  
I hope you enjoyed what I had to say so far and I hope that some of the methods that I recommended you have either written down or burned into your memory.  It is your choice if you want to live the life of Abundance, because abundance is a decision on your part.  There are many people with all the money in the world and anything they want, yet still miserable.  You see this with Rock and Movie stars continuously.  It is not about what you have it is all about what you appreciate and what you feel.    The opposite rings true when individuals have nothing, yet they are blissful.  Humans have only one desire and that is to be happy.  Sometimes short term people may chose a quick fix, like smoking, drinking or drugs.  This will temporarily fix how they feel altering how they see things. In the long term this will only make the situation worse.  So in the end the best choice is the training of the mind.  Re-training the mind to recognize sadness as a part of life, realizing that you can’t be happy all the time, but also it is the choices you make and how you perceive things that will make you happy.  

On a trip to Thailand some years ago I witnessed people who virtually according to our standards lived in shacks and had nothing.  People who didn’t have a floor or running water, but I saw smiles on their faces. The fathers loving their children and husbands and wives hand in hand very happy.  With out all the materialistic things how did they continue being happy.  It was a conscious decision I am sure and their perception of happiness was based off of their believe systems.  To a homeless person a roof over their head and a warm meal would be amazing.  To a millionaire with all the money in the world this would be torture.  What is your perception?  What do you want in life, what will make you happy. 

I want to recommend a few books to you –
1)   The Five Gateways to Happiness – by ME  - Allie Alberigo
2)   The spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire – by Depak Chopra.
3)   The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama
4)   The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Depak Chopra
5)   Many Live many Master by Brian Weiss
6)   Manifest your Destiny – by Wayne Dyer
7)   Awaken the Giant Within – by Tony Robbins

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