Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Heart of A Flower - Kajo Waraku


Even though this is a few years old, it still stands the test of time.  You may think of things in your life today, that may be totally relevant to what I am speaking about.  The tragedy I speak of in this video, is old news now.  However, the same thing goes on every day or at minimum we are hearing tons of bad and negative things on a daily basis. I hope you like this.

I have been training in the martial arts for well over 4 decades. I look back and sometimes can't even believe where the time has gone.  When I was a young child I remember looking at my parents, seeing them, thinking they were old.  Never realizing that there was a possibility that I would be that age.  I now look at my life and take inventory of what I have accomplished, what I have accumulated and where I am currently.  I can tell you the one thing that is my most prized accomplishment, was easiest to acquire, because it was becoming a dad.  It didn't take all that much effort, nothing compared to all the others things that I have accomplished.  Training in the martial arts for over 48 years, running business', buying real estate, paying bills and doing my best to succeed in this monetary world we live.  The funny thing is that all of those things have brought me happiness, but nothing has made more complete then that of being a father to the most wonderful daughter on the planet.  This is simply a lesson in understanding that it is really the simple things in life that create beauty.

A sunset on a beautiful summer evening, the first flakes of snow falling in the brisk cool air of winter, the butterflies in your stomach when you lay eyes up the person you fall in love with, the pride that streaks through your body, when your children succeed at taking their first steps, the taste of a well prepared meal - cooked with love and of course as a martial art teacher, seeing someone take the same pride and love you have for your martial art and the martial arts at large.  

These are all things that we take for granted on a daily basis, yet without us even knowing these items fuel our very soul and make us human and allow us to live life with a purpose.  It is our solemn duty to live our lives to the fullest in the most positive of ways.  When we wake up each morning we can ask ourselves three questions.

1) What am I going to do today to make a difference?
2)  What am I going to do today to make someone else's life better.
3) What can I do to create and contribute to a legacy that will change the world for the better?

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