Friday, August 18, 2017

I am blessed to have you!

Hey everyone:-

My blogs have slowed down a bit.  I do apologize because I have been winding down our summer camps at our martial art school and also getting ready to send my daughter off to college.  Just thinking about it fills me with mixed emotions.

As a parent, I worked hard to give my daughter a stable, loving and supportive environment in which she can thrive. I have been with her almost every day of her life, dropping her off and picking her up personally from school. We have spent 1000's of hours in the martial art dojo together, her as my student and also eventually her assisting me in teaching.  To see her grow up is both a blessing and also, scary for me.  It is almost as if I am losing my little girl but in my logical mind I know that not to be true.  She will embark on many amazing things, go many places, meet new people and be influenced by others. Hopefully all good.

I hope as a parent (along with her mom) that we have done our job properly and she stays on a path free from bad influences and bad things. I also pray she becomes the most productive adult she can be and continues to make us proud.

When I went out to my garden the other day, I picked a bunch of veggies that my girlfriend (who I am also blessed for finding) and I grew from scratch.  I felt pride while carrying them into the house.  I also felt a sense of happiness at how blessed I am to be as lucky that I have food on my counter and in my refrigerator.  I feel blessed to have a beautiful girlfriend and daughter and all the things that I have. I am honored and blessed that I have students in my dojo's training with me and also fall in love with the art that I teach. I recognize how lucky I am.

The other day I did yoga after teaching classes.  It was dark, so we lit the fire pit, turned on the glowing outside lights and did Yoga under the stars.  I remembered, (not Realized) remembered, how we tend to take lightly how lucky we really are.  Every day is a blessing, a gift and special. We have no guarantee's as to how long we will live and how long those around us will be with us.  So we should appreciate every day what we have.

I also want to thank those that are haters, (people who dislike me and what I do). Those people remind me daily of how I should do my best to live my life in appreciation of all I have and all the people that I am surrounded by that treat me with respect and love.  I am appreciative of even my enemies if you can call someone that because I don't really feel I have any. However, those that do not like me are there to help me stay grounded and appreciate the people that love me even more.

So thank you to all out there that read my blog and share it and also to each and every one of you that make my life special. I am so happy to be with you and experience my wonderful life with you.

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